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Guitar Podcast Alert!

Recently I’ve been listening to a guitar oriented podcast called “Classical Guitar Insider” with Bret Williams. The format of the podcast is basically a one-on-one conversation between host (and guitarist in his own right) Bret Williams and guest from the world of classical guitar. Usually the guests are noted performers, composers or well respected guitar teachers.

Williams’ hosting style seems strongly influenced by the likes of Marc Maron and Bill Burr. Similar to Maron’s WTF, Williams’ approach is not to interview his guests, but just to get them talking; to reveal some candid glimpse of their personality. For the most part Williams succeeds in doing this. Over the past 2 years Williams has released over 50 episodes of Classical Guitar Insider.

I have only listed to about a dozen episodes so far but I have found each one fascinating. The guests, while they are all connected to the world of classical guitar, are all very different personalities. They all come from very different backgrounds and, even though they are all professional guitarists, they have had very different careers. And so far all the guests have been very generous with their insights into everything from performing, to teaching, to composing. They also discuss favorite (and not-so-favorite) pieces of guitar repertoire.

I think the part I like best is when these world-class musicians discuss how they came to be professional guitarists, going all the way back to their experiences as young guitar students taking lessons. I find this very interesting as a guitarist and a teacher to find out not just what they know, but how they came to learn what they know.

In short, “Classical Guitar Insider” lives up to it’s name. You get an inside look at the world of classical guitar through conversations with the professionals who are the fabric of that community. I definitely recommend this podcast to anyone who is interested in the world of concert guitar.

All 52 episodes (and counting) are available for free at
Bret William’s Website