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Skill #2 : String Crossing

It’s Friday once again and that means its time for a NEW video on guitar technique. So far the new series, which I’ve titled “Sympathetic Technique” is going well. This week we will be looking at Skill #2 (of 30). Skill #2 involves the ability to cross from one string to the next and back with the guitar pick, all while keeping time with a slow and steady drum track.

Like last week, I have carefully designed 5 short drill exercises that isolate the technique of Crossing Strings. The plan, as always, is for you to devote just 5 minutes of your practice time to this skill EVERY DAY for seven consecutive days. You do not need to continue the 5 drill exercises from last week as last weeks skill “Timing” has been integrated into this week’s drill exercises.

Be sure to download the one-page PDF of this weeks drill exercises by clicking HERE.

You can also view a real-time demonstration of the 5 minute exercise routine on my YouTube channel. If you like, you can play along with me on YouTube for each of the 7 days.

If you have any questions, you can obviously leave me a comment here or on the YouTube channel. Good luck practicing! Can’t wait to see you back here next week for the next installment!