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A Modern Method For Guitar Vol 1 : Lesson 2 – Now on YouTube!

Hi Everyone,

Well, the second chapter in this ongoing video series is complete. I recorded demonstrations of every etude and exercise in LESSON 2 (pages 15 – 22) of William Leavitt’s “A Modern Method For Guitar, Volume 1“. And all of the videos can be see over at the Gables Guitar YouTube channel. Once again I invite all guitar students to use these videos as play-along tracks during your practice time.

Since these are a lot of short videos, be sure to click on the video playlist for LESSON 2 so that you can easily find the play-along demo for the page you are currently working on.

If you happened to stumble on this blog post and are thinking about jumping into this method book, I strongly suggest you do NOT start with LESSON 2! Start with LESSON 1. Bill Leavitt’s Modern Method series is extremely challenging and it is very easy to under estimate these early chapters. Intermediate guitarists are notorious for hastily trying to skip steps only to quickly become frustrated by their lack of progress. The ghosts of Page 1 will haunt you for… well, for as long as it takes you to go back to page 1 and sort out whatever it is you missed! The “Modern Method” series is not for guitarists who are looking for short cuts. Unless you believe, as i do, that the SHORTEST way to great guitar playing is to stop running around looking for short cuts (there aren’t any) and simply do the necessary work to build and strengthen your fundamental skills as a musician.

Also, you will certainly progress faster if you using this material in regular weekly guitar lessons with a qualified instructor. As I revisit this material to make these recordings, I am reminded of how many hundreds of little tricks I’ve had to learn just to manage these initial chapters. The advantage you will gain by working through this material with someone who has already done it is so important. I would argue that it is simply the only way to get through this book in a reasonable amount of time.

Good Luck and I’ll let you know when LESSON 3 is ready!


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