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Brian Hunker has over 10 years experience teaching guitar and over 20 years playing guitar and other instruments. He has fine-tuned a program that allows his students to learn to play music quickly while developing vibrant and effortless guitar playing techniques.

I have been writing, performing, recording and teaching Music for over 15 years right here in South Florida. Learning to play the guitar was my first step into a life-long career/obsession with Music. In those early years, I turned my love of rock and roll into an outlet for pure self-expression. Thanks to the help of some excellent music teachers, I learned to play all styles of guitar as well as write and sing my own songs. Eventually I began performing in rock bands and larger ensembles. After earning a degree in Audio Engineering from the University of Miami, I spent a lot of time working as a recording engineer in many state-of-the-art recording studios. While working in the studio, I developed a deeper appreciation for the values of professional musicianship: proper playing/singing technique, well-structured songwriting, ear training, and more. I continued to study, practice and improve my own technique, not only with guitar and voice but also at the piano. In 2011 I enrolled in the Miami Piano Academy where I am currently studying under pianist/conductor Oscar Bustillo. My love of rock music has broadened into a love of all different kinds of Music (including electronic music and Hip Hop). I now compose music for large and diverse groups of musicians including pieces for full orchestra. In addition to teaching, I am also a composer of music for film, video, & advertising. I write and produce all styles of music including: Rock/Pop, Jazz, Electronic, Dance, Hip Hop and Orchestral music.

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Brian Hunker

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