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Gables Guitar Journal Entry #001

I’m thinking about doing something different with the Gables Guitar Blog. I thought it might be cool to use the blog as an open guitarist’s journal. I think an on-going chronicle that describes how I work day-to-day might be useful to students and other professional musicians. I also haven’t really seen anything like that elsewhere on the internet, so maybe that can help to make the Gables Guitar blog stand out from the rest.

If you really want to improve your skills as a musician, tips and tricks will only get you so far. You also need to know how to WORK on music in a professional sense: how to set up practice routines, and what CONSISTENCY looks like. It took me a decade to understand the importance of such concepts. The best way for me to share them with you is just to explain a little bit about what I do each day.

So without any further build-up lets get to it! I can’t spend all day writing this blog post. I have only a few hours left to practice!

Here’s what I plan to do today:

SATURDAY [ 10.00am – Noon ] 2hr session

..::: TECHNIQUE :::.. 1hr, 50% of today’s Session Time
1. LEFT HAND ALONE, Posing/Stretching Exercises w/ Drum Machine 100bpm [10 min]
2. RIGHT HAND ALONE, Alt. Picking, 100bpm, ALL Subdivisions (1/4 to T/16) [15 min]
3. CHROMATIC EXERCISES, 100bpm (1/4 to T/16) [5 min]
4. DIATONIC SCALES, 100bpm (1/4 to T/16) [10 min]
5. PENTATONIC SCALES, 100bpm (1/4 to T/16) [10 min]
6. LEAGATO SCALES, 100bpm (1/4 to T/16) [5 min]
7. ARPEGGIOS, 100bpm (1/4 to T/16) [5 min]

..::: READING :::.. 30min, 25% of Session Time
1. Delcamp – Book# D01 – Lesson 8 (Classical Guitar Technique)

..::: REPERTOIRE :::.. 30min, 25% of Session Time
1. “Summertime” a Jazz Chord Melody
sheet music and really nifty analysis available HERE

So that’s it. Just a short 2hour practice today and then I’m off to visit with family. It is the week-end after all. Check back on Monday morning when I’ll have a REAL work day starting at 5 AM!

ALSO: In the interest of saving time and space, I’m using a lot of abbreviations that might not be common or easily understood by novice guitarists. I will go into more details when and if they become relevant to the work. If you are interested in what I’m doing here and have any questions or comments, post them below or send an email to:

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