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Gables Guitar Journal Entry #003

Started the day off bright and early. Well, the sun wasn’t up so maybe not so bight. But it was definitely EARLY.

Got to the studio at 5:30AM and got right down to business:

– Scales & Arpeggios @ 100bpm (1/8, T/8, 1/16) [30 min]
– Delcamp – Book D01 – Lesson 8 [30 min]

Making noticeable progress in all the Delcamp Lesson 8 pieces. I still have the sheet music out. I find that I need to read the music a bit from time to time, but I mostly have all these pieces memorized. I will record myself playing these tomorrow so I can move on to Lesson 9 by Thursday.

– Left Hand Alone (Silent Exercises) [15 min]
– Right Hand Alone (Alternate picking) All subdivisions at 100bpm [15 min]
– Chromatic Scale Exercises [15 min]
– Diatonic/Modal Scale Exercises [15 min]
– Legato Scales [15 min]
– Arpeggios [15 min]

– “Stella by Starlight” Chord-melody
– “Bye Bye Blackbird” Chord-melody
– “Blue Bossa” Chord-melody
– “Killer Joe” Chord-melody
– “Summertime” Chord-melody

The Jazz repertoire is coming along. I need to line up some new pieces for next week. I’m trying to add (at least) one new standard per week until I can do about 50 or so by memory. So far I have only 3 solid ones (killer Joe and Summertime are sort-of incomplete).

[12:00-2:00] Piano Practice :::
– Mozart Piano Sonata K545
– Bach Invention #4 in Dm
– Debussy – Arabesque #1

So all together that’s 3 solid hours of guitar practice followed by 2 hours well-spent at the piano. I also had a piano lesson at from 2:15-3:15 so that’s like another hour of piano. The rest of the in-between time has been spent giving lessons. Not a great practice day, but certainly not bad. Really, I kind of know better than to expect results from marathon sessions. Just got to keep stacking up decent days like today. That is the key to consistent progress.

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