I began taking lessons with Brian over a year ago and it’s been one of the most beneficial decisions I have made in a long time. Not only have I progressed past where I thought I would be in the guitar, but I found a new friend in the process. Brian has completely transformed my taste in music by giving me great recommendations every week on new bands and performers to listen to. I started lessons heavily inspired by Nirvana, wanting to play as many of their songs as I could, but today I find myself appreciating all sorts of jazz and have even made the switch to classical finger guitar.  It’s only been through Brians guidance and help that I’ve realized how much I truly love jazz and how happy the guitar makes me. Overall, Brian has been a great instructor, friend, and influence. 

– Javi

Online Guitar Lessons at Gables Guitar student testimonial
Online Guitar Lessons at Gables Guitar student testimonial

I began taking lessons with Brian when I as around 13, and now i’m 17 and still playing! Brian is an amazing & patient teacher who always finds a way to help you improve your sound. I’ve learned so much about music from him that I probably wouldn’t have found out anywhere else. He helps me feel more passionate about what I do, and I enjoy taking a break from life’s other stresses to learn some music from him. Thank you Brian!! 

– Gabriela

Brian is a not only an extremely talented musician but also an outstanding teacher committed to helping his students reach their musical goals. He has a unique and effective teaching style where he helps guide his students into simplifying what at first seems as a  complex arrangement into something that can be mastered by learning new techniques and applying consistent practice. His deep knowledge from having played diverse musical genres makes every lesson a unique and rewarding experience. Overall , a great guide for any type of player from beginner to advance looking to take their playing to the next level”

– Ed

Online Ukulele Lessons at Gables Guitar student testimonial
Online Guitar Lessons at Gables Guitar student testimonial
I’d always had a passion for music, but I never knew how to express it or where to place it. Brian helped me find that outlet and how to do it well. I never feel overwhelmed with any of the material. It never fails to offer me a therapeutic and enriching activity to do for the week and then some. As you learn, he always makes sure that you understand, letting you play as slow as needed when you practice. Just as much, he’ll challenge you, knowing that you can achieve new heights. Most importantly, Brian lets you navigate the course of your time with him. As soon as I sat down with him during my first class, he asked right away which song I wanted to play. From that point onward, he’s always continued like this, keeping my interests in mind. Even so, I’ve gladly taken up his suggestions, which I am consistently surprised by and enjoy. Brian’s class is always a highlight of my week, and always manages to leave me feeling like a better, more learned guitarist. 

– Maui

I’ve played music since I was a child but lost touch with it over the years since college, Brian at Gables Guitar has helped me keep music a part of my life and has encouraged me to keep experimenting with new avenues and instruments to express myself. I highly recommend Gable’s guitar to anyone trying to learn music for the first time or is just trying to find new ways to push themselves musically!

– Joseph

Online Guitar Lessons at Gables Guitar student testimonial
Online Guitar Lessons at Gables Guitar student testimonial

Brian teaches with patience, understanding and a genuine excitement to see his students improve. His talent and passion for music inspires me to become a better musician. No matter where you are in your musical journey, Brian can help you get to your final destination while having a lot of fun getting there! 

– Scott

I contacted Brian over two years ago and asked him if he could help me recover my enthusiasm and skill set to play the guitar. I had played as a younger guy but had not played in over thirty years more than one or two fragments of songs.
He has been the best teacher and music Maestro I could have hoped to meet. I now have roughly fifteen songs that I chose to learn that I loved as well as learned the keys to success and some theory along the way.
Brian is a great teacher and extremely talented. He will take you as far as you can go but doesn’t let you off the hook either. If he knows you can achieve it , you will! It’s been the best decision I could have made and I am playing music every week and well beyond my expectations! If you love music, if you love the guitar, I recommend Gables Guitar and Brian Hunker as you mentor. You will surprise yourself on what you can achieve!

– David

Online Guitar Lessons at Gables Guitar student testimonial

I always have had a passion for playing the guitar, but didn’t have the discipline to teach myself new songs or stick with it until I met Brian. Brian is kind and thoughtful and always willing to listen to what I was interested in that given day and guide me through a song until I perfected it. He was also hugely helpful with vocals and didn’t shy away from the many styles of music I find interesting. He is flexible and willing to engage in all forms of performance. His patience is one of a kind! Brian even inspired me to write my own music, lyrics and musical arrangements. He helped make my music better and helped me grow as an individual and performer. Brian guided me through setting up a YouTube channel and making my first few videos. Musically, Brian is a gifted teacher, and he is an even better person.

– Sebastian

I really really love the lessons. Brian is a very thorough, very patient teacher. I feel that some other guitar instructors might try to give me the easy way out, but Brian continues to challenge me and gives me the proper way – the way that is going to benefit me in the long run.

– Spencer

gables guitar review
Gables guitar Studio Testimonial Review

What I love about Brian’s classes is that he takes the time to teach you how to read music. It is really important because I had beginner knowledge but I could barely read the tabs. Now I can pick up any sheet music and I am able to figure out how to play it. Also, Brian is very patient, knowledgable, makes the classes fun, and is a great teacher. The studio atmosphere is great, you couldn’t ask for a better place.

– Andrea

I began learning the guitar with Brian in 2019.  I am over 50 years old and had never played a musical instrument in my life.  It was something I always wanted to do – I just didn’t think I was going to be able to do it.  It is now almost 2021 and my life-long dream has been realized.  This is mainly a credit to Brian’s teaching style and dedication to his craft.  He makes playing a musical instrument inviting and accessible.  He teaches you with a philosophy where you take bites that are just big enough for you to see progress every time you get together but small enough so that you are always having fun.  He finds music that is within your level of play and which you enjoy listening to.  Basically, he tries to feed your passion.  Over the past year we have worked exclusively via zoom.  Although at first I was not thrilled with taking lessons remotely, Brian has such a firm grasp on teaching the instrument, I now enjoy the zoom lessons and feel nothing is lost.  My progress has not slowed in any way due to the remote lessons.  I am thankful that I found Brian.  I thought it would be difficult to teach an old dog new tricks – turns out, it is not that hard if you have the right teacher.  

C. David Durkee – Pen name Broken Poet

Online Guitar Lessons at Gables Guitar student testimonial

Gables Guitar Review Testimonial

Quite challenging to start the guitar as an adult, especially since I never learned to read music. With Brian everything seems possible. He is such a great guitar player! And I love the way he tailors our lessons with a mix of theory, technique and practice. We work on those great rock songs that I never thought I could try so quickly. Although I still have along way to go, Brian makes learning fun, satisfying and hopeful from the start.

– Valerie

I am so glad I made the decision to take guitar lessons. I am more confident with the pentatonic minor and major scales, patterns across the fretboard as well as general fingering positions and bar chords. I was a beginner when I started my lessons here. Now I feel more like an intermediate, although I have a lot more to learn but Brian is the person to get me where I want to go.

– Simon

Gables guitar Studio Testimonial Review

Online Guitar Lessons at Gables Guitar student testimonial

I just wanted to say that Brian of Gables Guitar is the best instructor. I started lessons with him some months ago and it has made a world of difference in my playing and even in my understanding of music. The high point of my week is when it’s time for my guitar lesson, because I have fun and because I get inspired. Try to get Brian for guitar lessons, he’s great.


I took up the guitar at age 65, 9 months ago. I’ve gotten much further along in my playing than I hoped, due in large part to finding Brian as a teacher. Brian’s teaching approach is both very effectively structured and flexible at the same time. The classes are always interesting and relevant to the music I like. Brian’s practice tips and exercises are really effective in helping me maximize the results of the practice time I put in.

– Bob

gables guitar- review

I really like my lessons. Brian is a good teacher and I have fun in every class. We have learned Nirvana, Pink Floyd, and theme songs like Speed Racer. I like that Brian transcribes songs I want to learn. We work a lot on technique finger exercises and practice actual songs.

– Anna

Brian is very patient trying to find the right songs and the right practice schedule to meet my schedule. I work and it’s hard to find time during the week. It’s nice to have someone who keeps me on track and who is very patient with my hectic schedule other than guitar.

– Gui

Brian is a pretty cool guy. He makes the classes fun and interesting. I didn’t know how to play anything when I started. I still have a lot to learn but I’m getting there.

– Carlos

What I like about the classes is that I learn a lot about songs I like. I definitely see progress.

– Bridget

I have been taking lessons from Brian for about a year now and I’m really happy with my progress. And it’s not because I have musical skills. It’s because Brian is a great teacher. I really enjoy my time and experience with Gables Guitar. I highly recommend that anybody interested in learning how to play the guitar, come in and see Brian.

– Dave