Online Guitar Lessons


Want to study at Gables Guitar Studio but live too far?

Now you can learn how to play guitar in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to leave the house to take online guitar lessons. Gables Guitar offers personalized one-one-one guitar instruction via Zoom with a live instructor. You will get the same tips, feedback, and step-by-step instruction as you would get in our studio.

Learn to play guitar online with customized lesson plans. Every guitar lesson at Gables Guitar is customized to fit: your ability, your goals, and the style of guitar playing you want to learn. Because all our students have different goals and different levels of ability we work with each student to create a personalized plan to learn to play guitar. Your lessons are unique and tailored just for you.

Learn guitar by learning songs you want to play

At Gables Guitar, you learn to play songs you love so that you are motivated to keep learning and improving. You will also learn to read music, music theory, and song writing. All of these topics are available in our guitar classes online. If you have a specific topic you are interested in learning or a specific goal you have in mind, let us know when you schedule your first online guitar lesson.

Guitar Styles We Teach

We teach all styles of guitar online. So whether you are applying to a music school to join a Classical Guitar program, you want to start a local cover band that plays hits from the 90s, you want to play Christmas carols over the Holidays, you want to join a heavy metal band, or you want to write your own songs – Gables Guitar online guitar lessons are right for you.

  • Electric guitar
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Blues
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Folk Finger Style
  • Indie/Alternative
  • Classical
  • Flamenco
  • Metal
  • Country
  • and more!

Online Guitar Lessons Checklist

Yes! You are ready to take online guitar lessons at Gables Guitar. Now what? Call us to set up your introductory online guitar lesson at (305) 582-6881. Once we have agreed on a date and time, you will need the following checklist for your online guitar lessons:

Beginner Online Guitar Lessons

Coral Gables Guitar Lessons For Beginners Online

Intermediate Online Guitar Lessons

Coral Gables Online Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Advanced Online Guitar Lessons

Coral Gables Advanced Online Guitar Lessons