Guitar Lessons

It’s never been easier to access high-quality, personalized guitar instruction. Now is the time to learn all the tricks and techniques you need to play your favorite songs while enjoying a fun and effective training program.

Parents: In addition to learning to perform music, our approach teaches kids how to understand and enjoy music.

60 Minute
Guitar Lesson

  • An hour private class with instructor at Gables Guitar Studio
  • Customized lesson plans
  • Music sheets
  • Practice exercises

Guitar Lesson
Gift Certificate

Give the gift of music to someone you love. Gift certificates are available for any amount of lessons.

Guitar lessons are the perfect gift for kids and adults of all ages.

Please call us for more details at
(305) 582-6881.

Beginner Online and In-person guitar lessons

Beginner Guitar Lessons

Our main goal is to create a safe and positive environment full of positive support. We focus on celebrating the student’s achievements every step of the way and together we enjoy their introduction to the basics. No pressure!

Intermediate Online and in-person guitar lessons

Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Together we develop the student’s understanding of their instrument by exploring Music Theory and Musical Literacy (reading and writing music). We use many colorful handouts, interactive software and musical examples to help students truly understand these fundamental concepts.

Advanced Guitar Lessons Online and in-person

Advanced Guitar Lessons

With strong technique in the hands and a mind that can fully conceptualize how music works, advanced students can focus on developing their abilities to both write and perform music with expressive confidence.

Bass Classes for students at all levels. online and in-person

Bass Classes All Levels

We offer the same levels for bass as we do guitar: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. As with our other classes we tailor your program to your goals and current mastery of the bass.