Spooky Songs to Perform This Halloween

At Gables Guitar Studio, we have a little band and our favorite show of the year is definitely our Halloween show. We like to coordinate our costumes and we always have a blast. If you are asking yourself, “What would be the top 10 songs to perform live at a Halloween party?” We’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up the top 10 songs to perform, on guitar, this Halloween. Click through for the list >>

halloween song to perform on guitar

So all your friends know you play the guitar and asked you to play some songs at the upcoming Halloween bash. That’s happened to us before; and the hardest part was coming up with the perfect playlist. Here are our favorite songs to perform in our costumes:

10. Beetle Juice Theme Song – The main theme you remember kicks off at 00:38.

9. Harry Potter Theme Song

8. Addams Family Theme Song

7. Twilight Zone Theme Song

6. Spooky by Atlanta Rhythm Section

5. Tales From The Crypt Theme Song

4. Ghostbusters Theme Song

3. True Blood Theme Song

2. Bach Tocatta in D Minor

1. I Want Candy by Bow-Wow-Wow

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