Tara McPherson Poster Winner: Linda!

Poster Giveaway Winner

Congratulations Linda! You are the winner of the Tara McPherson Bright Eyes Poster giveaway. We will be contacting you to coordinate the pick-up of your beautiful new poster. If you missed out on this opportunity to win a fantastic poster, keep checking in for other contests on our blog or facebook page.Read More >>

Rock Poster Giveaway Winner We are big fans of the art of Tara McPherson so don’t fret it you didn’t win this amazing poster. We will definitely be giving away more artwork from Tara McPherson, Jeff Kleinsmith and Jesse LeDoux. Jeff Kleinsmith and Jesse LeDoux were art directors for the record label Sub Pop. Sub Pop Bands include Nirvana, The Shins, Flight of The Conchords, and The Postal Service.

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