Finding a Guitar Teacher

What To Look For In A Guitar Instructor

What to look for in a private guitar instructor

When looking for a private guitar instructor make sure to keep a couple of things in mind. Most importantly, pick an instructor that makes you feel comfortable and is also knowledgeable. Staying committed to your classes will be much easier if you have a teacher you get a long with. Read more >>

What to look for in a private guitar instructor

Having The Right Atmosphere

A professional instructor will tailor their classes to each student. Regardless of age, each student will set the pace of the private lesson depending on their personality.

Starting At The Right Place

A good foundation will make your life easier. Look for an instructor that will teach you guitar fundamentals. These basic building blocks will help you become a better guitar player without bad habits.

Music Theory

Music Theory seems daunting at the beginning before taking the plunge. However, not only is it easy to learn, it will allow you to learn new songs faster and with less effort. If you are interested in writing your own songs music theory will be your friend.

Make sure not to settle for anything less!

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